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We help digitalizing & transforming financial services

digitalab supports institutional clients in the Middle East, South East Asia and Europe.

We are a ‘’brain power – innovation provider’’ to the insurance sector.

Our digital lab brings innovating ideas and customizable applications to insurers, reinsure rs, brokers, bancassurance, and other players, such as third party administrators, telcos, etc.

Why Are We Here?

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Digital Stratergy

Conventional insurers are now under threat from:

No organization, in no country, is immune to this game changing eco system

However, there are ways to adapt and even strive

How Do We Help

1. We offer readily customizable IT/ Digital Solutions

  • Cap Riskis a location and risk assessment solution
  • Insure As U Travel – LifeAlarm – Wellness – Multi-distribution portalare customizable mobile apps and platforms

2. We support with Advisory Services

  • Helping companies adapt their organization/ HR to the digital eco system
  • Understanding their limitations (human resources, time, IT legacy, priorities, etc.) and providing tailor made support (Research – Assessment – POC - Project Management – Execution – Governance…)
  • Hands on support in Social Media Marketing - defining the customer decision journey and customized roadmap & action Plan

Digital Strategy & Research Outsourcing

Digital Stratergy

We offer companies that can’t afford their own digital team, but have a few ideas (or no idea), an outsourced digital center.

In a different fashion, we offer large corporations with existing digital teams that are struggling to produce tangible results and solutions.

Our support can be shaped in 3 types of assistance, which offers full flexibility, comfort and sustainability:

Game Changing Mobile Applications


To help clients transforming digitally and quick start some initiatives that are meaningful, [email protected] has invented mobile applications that are:

Multi Product Insurance Platform


The ‘’Mass Digital Distribution Service’’ platform is a customizable / with labeled multi product (motor, personal accident, SME package, marine, etc.) insurance web portal. It is designed to offer digital distribution (front) as well as middle office and back office functionalities (underwriting, claims, MIS, etc.). The portal maximizes business while reducing operational costs and risks.

The ‘’Mass Digital Distribution Service’’ platform is also fully integrated with aggregator portal offering end-to-end automated and paperless solution from lead generation, quote comparison, online payment to policy issuance and after sales services.

Board of Directors support on the digital space

Digital Stratergy

We directly help: Large Consultancies, Private Equity, Venture Capital, Banks, Insurance companies, Asset Managers, Etc

CAP Risk


A unique Fire and Property Claims Admin Portal Integrated with Risk Survey and Accumulation

CAP Risk is a fully customizable/white labeled platform designed to cover end-to-end Fire and Property insurance business from Risk Survey, Underwriting decision, risk accumulation, policy issuance, claims as well as renewals.

Portal maximizes business, reducing operational cost and overhead, a completely paperless environment with built-in workflows, helping make quick and informed underwriting decisions with the help of various reports and analytics.

Take Away

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Digital Stratergy

We, ex industry C-Suite and ‘’techies’’, offer hands on support fastening and/or broadening digital initiatives, starting with available smart solutions

We help reaching better potential transforming business into a modern, friendly, efficient and more profitable model: